I counted;
22 broken hearts,
21 toy soldiers,
20 young boys who would never grown up,
Just because they died before they could get any older.
19 failed brakes,
18 dead bodies,
17 mothers crying,
“Please, help me somebody!”
16 broken windows,
15 teen couples kissing,
14 children aborted,
Because a condom was missing.
13 stories told,
12 legends begotten,
11 myths created,
Stamped in the history of man never to be forgotten.
10 unheeded commandments,
9 unopened bibles,
8 pastors preaching prosperity,
Telling tall tales of what they think is desirable.
7 open bottles,
6 broken needles,
5 birds perched,
On the roof of an old church steeple.
4 lies told,
3 politicians fighting,
2 halves of a tribe,
Split apart by the dog that does no biting.
And 1,
And counting.

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