Poetry 101

So many words that seem not to rhyme,
Structure, syllables and strictly metered time,
Error made once, twice, three times, nine,
Then this, a solitary repeated line.
Forward, backward, forward once again,
Relentless work, a constant strain,
It has to be perfect; it won’t work as just fine,
Then back to the solitary repeated line.
Organized clutter, coherent rumble,
Over the words don’t stagger or stumble,
Letters age like milk, but words like wine,
So write the solitary repeated line.
Pause between stanzas nothing to write,
Piece incomplete, seems a bit light,
Talk about insecurity and try not to whine,
Then write the solitary repeated line
Getting closer towards the end, try a variation,
Push your piece past perfect alliteration,
Read over again, are the words really mine?
One word,
The solitary repeated line

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