A Lonely War

The voices in my head deserted me,
They had nothing left to say,
They noticed I wasn’t listening,
So they packed and went away.
They stopped their noisy bickering,
They took their opinions galore,
They left me alone tittering,
On the edge of a lonely war.
They took away my opinions,
Assertion became strange to me,
The words went as their minions,
A writer I ceased to be.
“You know?” punctuated my sentences,
Although I scarce used it before,
Then slowly I dulled my senses,
Ready to fight my lonely war.
My enemy is not inside me,
Nor is my enemy without,
I can’t win when it’s me against me,
I’ll probably run me rout,
Yet still I’ll stand firm in this battlefield,
Armed to the teeth with spear and sword,
Hoping that one day I, myself, will yield,
And be the conqueror in this lonely war.

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