For the girls of Kibera Girls Soccer Academy on their showcase on 10th September:


I am the past, the present and the future embodied in one,

I am what happened before and what is yet to come,

I am the reason for living and the excuse for death,

I am the thoughts in your mind and the mint in your breath.


I am the hero to the slaves and the master of the free,

I am truth honesty and justice, yes I’m all three,

I am the sword of Damocles, the tablet of cebes,

I am the arm that you can lean on when you have the hebe jebes.


I am the rock Jacob slept on, the fifth telly tubby,

I am the guy that she ran to when she got beat by her hubby,

I am the shadow of the night and reflection of the day,

I am the arm that clung on you and begged you to stay.


I am the eleventh commandment, God’s other son,

I am the voice that says “there’s nothing wrong with some fun”

I am the rhythm in your bones, the music in your soul,

I am the strength sapped from your flesh then the soup in your bowl.


I am the science of war, the 49th power law,

I am the man that was built on another’s flaw,

So if anyone wants to know what they can call me,

Tell them I am the one that answers to “free.”

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