The Plea

Dear Mr Candle, find me a spark,
That will set fire to your wick,
And chase away the dark,
Elusive it may be,
Destructive and vile,
But find it for me and let it eat you alive.

Dear Mr Bull, find me some meat,
 That will roast on the fire,
And give me something to eat,
Elusive it may be,
Your thigh makes great steak,
So give it to me, to burn at the stake.

Dear Mr tree, find me some wood,
That will light up the evening,
Make sure it burns good,
Elusive it may be,
But trunks are the norm,
So give yours to me, that I may stay warm.

Dear Mr Voter, give me your vote,
That I may live in comfort,
Don’t let me gloat,
Elusive it may be,
Your life seems fair game,
So give it to me, and bear all the blame.

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