She said she wanted to colour the rainbow,
Cocked back her head, and laughed,
Asked if it was possible for her to make the rain glow,
Adelle set fire, maybe she’d use the charred coal.

She asked why we insist the sun is yellow,
When it is obvious it shines a brilliant white,
Asked why our faces are always mellow,
If work was so hard then why didn’t we just quit.

She was sure she could paint the face of God,
With her brown crayons and tiny bottle of paint,
Asked how come we don’t find it odd,
That the word psycho had an unnecessary ‘p’

She wondered of men who stayed up all night,
Watching over us while we rested our minds,
Asked why we were filled with such fright,
“Don’t thieves as well, need to sleep?”

She said she wanted to buy a unicorn,
Not for herself, but as a gift for santa,
Asked how come a man, full grown,
Has never had a proper family Christmas?”

She said she wanted to change the world,
Put an end to war and disease,
I looked at her,
And smiled,
One day at a time, I told her,
One day at a time.

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