Okay, first things first right? I would like to take this moment to appreciate every Dad in the world. Everybody who has sired children and influenced their lives, who has taken an active part in the upbringing and livelihood of their children. Sure, most of the time they just scared us stiff but you know what? We love them anyway. Happy Father’s day.

I’m not sure if it is doing Fathers justice to have today’s theme being disappointment but it has been on my mind for so long that I really cannot help but write about it. I read a quote once somewhere that said “some say god guys come last, what they forget is that good guys are running a completely different race.” Cool quote right? Catchy, quick on the tongue, smart, witty and all those other cool things that you would like to see in a quote. However, I don’t think that it’s true. I think good guys constantly get disappointed in life. If that’s their race then why bother right?

Let me say that this isn’t from an experience level (at least on the most part) but on a observational level. I have this friend, let’s call him Metaphysics – obviously not his real name- he is a very good guy. He has struggled to get girls (I know this because most of the ladies he has hit on are friends of mine) but all the time he gets the same response. You’re such a good guy, and any girl that would get you would be lucky, I just *insert appropriate excuse*. So last week Metaphysics and I were having a chat and he poured out his frustrations to me. It made perfect sense, he was obviously extremely let down and on some level he thought it was him. So he resolved to become a bad guy. I’m waiting to see how that turns out.

So this is not to make you feel sorry for Metaphysics and all good guys out there, no. This is to show you exactly how it feels to be disappointed. People think disappointment is just an “oh okay” moment. It is worse than that, it literally wears you down and tears you apart. Of course I can’t tell you to never get your hopes up or something because that in itself is extremely sad. So this is what I am going to say, watch what promises you make, watch whose hopes you get up and watch how you treat others, because there’s nothing worse than looking in someone’s eyes and watching their enthusiasm fade away, watching their spark go away. It is extremely sad when you hear someone say the words “I expected more from you, I’m very disappointed.” In the words of a friend of mine – not metaphysics another one- never overpromise and underdeliver, always underpromise and overdeliver. Have a lovely Sunday.

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