Endless Possibilities

I think the most disturbing thing about a multiple choice exam is that I can’t manipulate my way through it. I can’t just use my prose skills to weave a tale so thick, so sweet that the lecturer will be forced to nod his head in agreement, not at my knowledge of the subject but because my story is so delicately written that it can only serve a greater good that he, the marker, cannot see. Multiple choice questions are a case of black and white and that confuses those of us who have built our very existence somewhere in the shades of grey. Of course there is the general idea that with multiple choice, the answer is always right in front of you, mocking you, and hence a well placed guess could give you the answer, but that only serves to fuel insecurity. Even after you have settled on your final answer all the other answers look at you questioning your choice. They seem to scream out “Why didn’t you choose me?” and you can try to be impartial, you can try to accommodate all the A’s, B’s, C’s and D’s but the truth is there is only one answer. Only one of them can be completely true.

And that there must be the problem, right? Is it possible, in the scope of life to have anything that is totally, completely, undoubtedly, 100 percent true? Is there any fact that is so completely agreed upon by the entire human race that it puts all other possible facts to shame, a fact that monopolizes its market, so to speak? Truth is facts are only things that we generally accept to be true because we found them that way. History in itself is plagued with instances where completely unchallenged facts have been turned over practically overnight. Galileo comes to mind at this time when he turned the world from flat to round, scholars to date still argue about the truth of Einstein’s theories and your mother wouldn’t be very educated if she just showed you nine planets now would she?

I guess what I am trying to say is, sometimes, we confine our minds, our thoughts and eventually our lives to one set of thinking. We live within boundaries of black and white and restrict ourselves to facts so much that we fail to see the possibility of any other existence outside what we know to be true. We feel safe within our reality and yet we forget that our reality is just the work of another man’s imagination proved by a couple of equations. Even the very words we speak were once made up by someone.

So liberate your mind, free your thoughts and walk around with your palms wide open ready to catch whatever the world throws your way. Remember, whatever they say, whatever they do, they can’t cage your mind. Your mind is an upsilamba. Anything’s possible, just because, it simply is.

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