Family Gathering

Sweet songs sung on a sunny September evening,
Mellifluous melodies meet mellow moods and minds,
Tiny tot tests his tongue, barely done teething,
Rest and recreation begins, old tapes on rewind.

The once empty house now filled with the sound of music,
A single stereo blasts the soft soprano solo,
Adamant adolescent agrees with the beat pulsating from the antique,
Live and let die, love fills hearts once hollow.

My thoughts, my words, my lines, my verse,
Lyrics live through lost souls, self loathing for penance,
Touchy teen retreats, creates tension with all who try to converse,
Giddy goat died for the greater good, giving empty stomachs tenants.

Music rises, a crescendo is close at hand,
Beats build up to forsee bigger things ahead,
Motivated man makes for good entertainment, speeches well planned,
Queer quotes quoted “the quiet man quickly breaks bread.”

Holding hands singing Kumbaya only God can save them now,
Victorious voices heard over the din of the stereo,
Mindful mum watches and hums, a slight glisten on her brow,
Rolled eyes at in laws argument, as if to say “yup, here we go…”

Sweet songs sung on a sunny September evening,
Sweet melodies fill the air in the still of a dark September night,
Grandpa sits on his chair, humming, rocking and listening.
Quick cleaning up to do, many hands make work light.

Meetings are sweet but partings are dear,
Music no longer heard, the guests are leaving,
Door closed, house is empty it will be another year,
Till sweet songs are sung on a sunny September evening.

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