Disembodied Elegance

Nature is smooth and elegant in her ways,
Her thoughts are at peace her mind never strays,
Yet mankind as awkward as he may be,
Trumps and destroys all these with glee.

With his shotgun and hunting, man’s sporting luck,
Constantly causes the duck to duck,
In the forests an empire larger than zion,
He made a rug out of the skin of king lion.

He has brought under attack the most brutal and feared,
Caused the mighty elephant to shed many a tear,
His acts have struck fear, his power unheard,
All run from him, the beasts to the birds.

He has distorted nature’s rhythm, he sings out of tune,
The only creature capable of making a swan swoon,
Plants have been trampled underfoot, flowers died,
Bees no longer pollinate, too busy making honey in closed hives.

Yet beings of higher intellect they claim, a step ahead in evolution,
So why do they continue on this pollution revolution?
Their movements seem more beastly, they kill, just for fun,
A confusing beast this, so called man.

What then remains but their self destructing tendancies,
The hopeful religions say the stay on earth is but a tenancy,
The truth lies behind open hearts, open minds agree,
The human race is out of place and needs to find a place to be.

Nature is elegant in her ways; I’ve often been heard to say,
There’s the hunter and the hunted, commonly known as prey,
But a full lion will never harm a lamb; it has the future in mind,
Now if only we could say the same of those they call mankind.

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