A story (that I’m sure all of you have heard) is told of the man who was walking in town when a bird pooped on his suit. He quickly thanked God that cows don’t fly. Another is told of Mahatma Gandhi who was on a train and his shoe fell out the window. He immediately took the other one of and threw it out as well, saying that whoever finds the shoe should at the very least find a pair. Of late I have begun to see just how ungrateful we are as human beings. When faced by the future we forget that the past worked itself out so we lament our present hoping that maybe it will help us find a way out of the fix we are in.

That’s just human nature though isn’t it?  It is just how we are designed. Constantly we want more and more. We keep saying that a bird in hand is worth two in the bush yet we are always fighting to get those coveted two birds from the bush. As a matter of fact we let them taunt us, play with us and eventually control us. Rarely do we sit back and think. “This right here is a pretty decent life I have.” Of course then the question is but what about ambition? What about forging yourself forward? There’s a thin line between ambition and ungratefulness (a line that I cross many times myself). Ambition recognizes the good that is in the present and works towards a better future, ungratefulness doesn’t.

Think about it this way, you are reading this. The plus sides are; You have a computer/phone, you can read, you have access to the internet and many more. I just think that sometimes we need to cut ourselves some slack, sit back and take I the fresh air. Feel the rain on your skin (in the words of a pretty decent musician) because no one else can feel it for you. Live for the moment all you ever really got is today. Store up your riches in tomorrow’s yesterday.

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