It was almost inevitable that this week I was going to write about pain. A popular rock song says:

“Pain, without love

Pain, I can’t get enough

Pain, I like it rough

‘Cause I’d rather feel pain than nothing at all”

…and we bop our heads to it. However, do we really comprehend what pain is? When I was a child I used to cry all the time, over nothing and everything. It got so bad that my classmates, for most of my lower primary school lives would call me cry baby, and I would answer!! To me the world was a very sad place. I didn’t understand why things just wouldn’t work the way they were supposed to and so I let it all out. It was very therapeutic I must say, I ended up being a very happy child.

More and more though I was told men don’t cry and men should be strong. Hence I shielded my emotions and swore never to cry again. I never have, except for a tear at my grandpa’s funeral but that is a story for another day. The reason why this week’s post wasSometimes you just want to curl into a ball until it goes away... destined to be about pain is because I have recently come to terms with how much pain surrounds me. My friends go through so much, yet they are so strong. Then there are those who come to complain about a bad hair do and claim to be undergoing pain.

See we seem to imagine that our pain is larger than that of others but who can quantify pain? Who has the authority to claim that one person’s pain is greater than another’s. Honestly writing does pain even exist or do we just imagine it? (not physical pain you nitwit) I think what I’m trying to get across is that it’s about time we let go of our pain, our anger, our manic depression, those things that tug onto our heartstrings just to see if we can break. I would rather feel pain than nothing at all? Pure idiocy, they have no idea what pain is. It is time we purged the world of pain, one heart at a time.

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