So yesterday for one reason or another the site was down. So much for the Sunday column. Anyway here is what was meant to come up yesterday:

Over the last week I couldn’t help but notice the crisis in Japan. A couple of earthquakes and a nuclear meltdown can hardly go by without worldwide media attention. I heard this one story of a man who was being interviewed and told about how he should pray and ask God to help him. To which he replied “what God?”

When in doubt... Photography

Now maybe I should make this clear from the onset. My heart goes out to the people of Japan. It can’t be easy to deal with the amount of tragedy that they have gone through (I would have definitely, done something to myself by now). When struck by tragedy our roots of belief in anything are shaken. More and more we begin to disbelieve what we were so firmly grounded in for such a long time. At these times we question ourselves and all around us.

We forget that at those times is when we need most what we believe in. At such trying times is when our minds should work hardest to find some sort of hope. Now, I can see some of you saying “Surely, Michael. Have you ever been in a tsunami? Huh? What hope is there from beneath a million tonnes of water?” I agree that my brushes with nature, especially of the wet kind, mainly involve walking through a thunderstorm. Nothing at all that could compare to what the Japanese have gone through.

So who is to blame? Man? God? Science? Nature? Mother Nature? Really, no one. So even as my heart goes out to Japan in this tragic week let’s not forget. Never loose hope, for hope is all we have.

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