Father Forgive Me

Father forgive me,
My eyes have wandered,
My mind has done worse,
The lies I have told,
I might be destined for a curse.

I have doubted my friends,
I have mumbled at my parents,
I have flounted my strengths,
Failed to acknowledge my talents.

I have sneered at the poor,
Shunned away the street beggars,
Steered away from the less fortunate,
Kept the company of society’s ‘betters’.

I have dined with kings,
And lost my common touch,
Lined my path with false identity,
Lost my soul in a futile search.

I have lost my head to my enemies,
Searched for peace through vicious battles,
Given myself for a couple of pennies,
Given up when faced by simple hurdles.

I have gone against what I believe,
Caved in when against the wall I was pinned,
Torn my soul to serve false purposes,
I’m at your mercy, I have sinned.

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