Many people who know me can attest to my status as a grammar Nazi. I fear my own spelling mistakes and grammatical errors so much that I proof read each post twice or thrice before it goes up. So much so that I know people who stopped talking to me online because they feared my critique of their spelling and grammar. This week however I have received a dose of my own medicine in large quantities (I see a couple of you smile and say “HA! In your face!”) Well, let me then describe the situation. I have been sitting for my exams for the last two weeks and hence I was so pre-occupied with the bloody things that all my writing was riddled with spelling mistakes.

Nature, in it's purest form, unperturbed by man, is perfect.

Now for all of you who think that this is leading up to an apology let me make it clear. It isn’t. I still expect you to write I’m not am and you’re and your to be used properly. The experience did get the creative juices flowing and had me thinking though. We expect nothing short of perfection from others while failing to realize that we ourselves cannot be perfect. Somehow we believe that everything from everyone should go as planned while there are so many other factors that must be considered. Yet, we fail to consider these factors, live our lives on a ceteris paribus basis. So who are we kidding? I mean nobody is perfect so why try to be, right?

Wrong. In as much as we can all claim that the strive for perfection is a pointless journey, would we then be comfortable weaving around the corners of mediocrity and average? We seem to be too comfortable with our lives not pushing ourselves to the limit or even trying to approach the limit of our intellectual and physical capabilities. The English have a saying: Aim for the stars if you miss at least you will fall on a cloud. So maybe that is my point today, strive to be perfect. Push yourself towards that improbable goal that is perfection. At the very least, you will be above average.

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