Criminals ‘lack’ self control. At least that is what we were told in our criminology class. In order to be a criminal you must ‘lack’ something. Something must have gone wrong when you were a child. You must ‘lack’ something.

Every time I see a mentally ill person I wonder what they are thinking. I wonder what goes through their minds. As they sit there deep in thought, drinking from their elixer of seemingly endless joy. I wonder what keeps them going. I used to think they ‘lack’ something up stairs. But after thinking about the high intelligence of criminals
and hearing statements of their lack of capacity, I begin to wonder. Maybe it is not that they lack something, maybe it is because they have something that we don’t.

See we live our lives rushing around trying to make ends meet while all around the world seems to be crashing down. We force ourselves to have 2 or 3 different faces and juggling between all these. Rarely do we sit back and take in the world’s beauty. Rarely do we sit back, smile and watch the rainbow. I am not the quickest to quote the bible but ‘the enlightened one’ (you may know him as Jesus) said unless you become like a child you
shall not enter the kingdom of God. Maybe he was onto something there. Many times we equate the mentally ill to children, and treat them as such.

Have you ever, however, watched these people? They are always comfortable with themselves and just generally happy all the time. Yet we claim that they are the ones that lack something. Mentally ill people are the most mature people I know, they always move on after an argument, they don’t always have to get their own way and the mostly
like sharing. Just like a child. Yet they lack something.
Well, maybe it is about time we took a look at our side of the fence. We live and drive our important lives to the breaking point but to what end? So you conquered all, and then? Maybe I am just overthinking this one but I think I need to lack something as well.

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