Quid Facerem

Could I speak?
Open my mouth to form syllables,
Let my tongue swirl in my mouth gingerly resting on the edges,
Allow my lungs to release air through my vocal chords,
Until finally words are expelled from my mouth, a torrent relentless,
Could I speak?

Could I feel?
Explore with my fingers and see with eyes closed,
Every nook and cranny, hill and valley,
Let the nerve endings send silent messages to my mind,
Create mental images deviod of visual aides, let my fingers enable the process of learning,
Could I feel?

Could I think?
Perceive and conceive along with the best of them,
Create notions, invent ideas, manipulate emotions, joys and tears,
Stimulate my grey matter so that it recognizes Richard of York,
Show man’s advantage over the rest of them,
Could I think?

Could I breathe?
Inhale, exhale, inhale, exhale simple process, fundamental it may be,
Take in oxygen give back carbon dioxide,
Let the air diffuse into my red blood cells and facilitate my very existence,
If for a second words eluded me
Could I breath?

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