I took a stroll down the lane of memories,
Walked right up to the corner of childhood and puberty,
Took a left at triumphs, and found myself on the street of glories,
Next to the building of the mystery of my history,

The paths were aligned with doubts and fear,
The weather was always dark and gloomy,
Some roads were flooded by the rain of tears,
Others were winding and confusing.

The streets were littered with external influences,
The cleaner named confidence was asleep on his broom,
All around were billboards for the company, Decision Consequences,
A homeless man, named faith, asked me for a room.

The crowd rushed around me headed to the same place,
Apparently the leader was about to say something funny,
So I followed them there and on the stage with a smile on his face,
I saw this man they call Money.

He was tall dark and handsome with a gleam in his eye,
And he spoke words smart and profound,
He looked smart and witty and really quite sly,
When he spoke, no one uttered a sound.

But what about Humility I asked around,
I believe she can say something too,
But they just looked at me and asked if my mind was sound,
“She has no place in the land of you.”

So I left the city in a blur of confusion,
I ran as far and as fast as I could,
Looked up and swore it must have been an illusion,
I had found myself in the slum of I wish I would.

Here I found nice folk, though they lived in poverty,
There was Truth, Honour, and Integrity,
And I felt at peace away from the animosity,
That had rocked me in the big city.

They offered me some water and clamed me down,
Made me feel at peace with myself,
And though they were no kings (at least I saw no crown),
I thought this is where I should store my wealth.

Now I have big plans for a city called future,
It will be the place to be,
Together with Truth, Hope, Faith, it will be quite the adventure,
And probably the new headquarters of the country of Me.

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