Sparked by a word,
A careless collection of syllables that sounded absurd,
Offence was taken and apologies demanded,
Stubborn, proud, they refused to be reprimanded,
Threats were made and empty they seemed,
Grounds were stood, nothing is as it seems,
Guards at ready grab your weapon of choice,
If they do not hear, we shall show them we have a voice,
Speeches given morale was stirred, perhaps we might, yes we can,
In this valley tonight we live and die, show you are a man,
Villages burnt and women cried, children killed and womed raped,
Young lads leave school war calls, pressure heaped,
Scorched earth years of labour up in flames,
Men acting like dogs untamed,
UN, Red cross diplomacy prevails,
Creating a path through the destruction trail,
Damage can’t be undone, where once happy bright and homely,
Lie bodies on the ground, child left alone in a world cold, dark and lonely.

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