Hi. My name is Michael and I bend time and space. I manipulate the space time continuum so that I can be where I want, when I want. You know the way guys say “If I could turn back the hands of time” Well, for one, seeing as you have to reach a critical speed to travel backward or forward through time it is more of the feet of time, and secondly I can turn them back. As far back or forward as I want to. I have seen Hitler eye to eye and watched Malcolm tell us of ballots and bullets.

I wrote that as the beginning to a fiction story I was to write (either procrastination or writer’s block got the better of me, I forget). Of course the name in the story wasn’t Michael, it was a cool name, Cuthbert maybe, again, I forget. The point is, if I could go back in time I would finish that piece about going back in time. Everyone speaks of time travel as if it is something that is plausible, that can happen and with the modern developments in science who knows? Maybe it is possible. With them working on the elixir of youth (no, not plastic surgery something that actually makes you younger, or stops old age or something), maybe next they will create the machine that can move at the critical speed needed for time travel. I, however, am not here to tell you the science bit of time travel if you really want to see that you can look around here.

Imagine what would happen if time travel really was possible. If every Thomas, Richard and Harrison was free to move to where and when he wants. If the laws of physics were more like the polite suggestions of physics. “Please stay within your time space continuum and if you must go back kindly do not kill any mosquitoes.” Then that girl that you mumbled your words with? You will get your second chance, well unless the guy who hit on her before you beats you to the punch, which he will seeing as no matter how late he remembers he will take to her “before” you, in theory. On a even deeper level if you go back in time and change something does it change anything? I mean if you change it in the past then that means in the present it already happened which means your change (or abstinence from it) already affected how you live. So highly hypothetically changing the past won’t change anything.

Lupe Fiasco, in one of his songs says and I quote “Change don’t change us.” I guess that is my point for this week. Nothing is worth regretting, a story is told of a two monks who met a naked woman at the river. One monk carried her across and the other watched. Cut to chase later the monk says “I only carried her across the stream. You carried her all the way back to the monastery.” (See the full story here). I guess what I’m trying to say is time travel is a stupid concept. The here, the now, live for that. Nothing is worth regretting, be content.

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