Two Little Paws

Ten little fingers, two little paws
One little CPU, centrally processing it all
Whirrr…processing data…
Two little bunny ears, in out twist

Rocket science, frustration

Ten stubborn fingers, two useless paws
One little mind, unable to comprehend it all
Whirr whirrr…
Two little bunny ears, out in twist

Pause, tears

Two salty rivers race down his cheeks
A cry wells in his tiny heart
Little eyelids slide shut
Fluid darkness

He sees her,
Ten slender fingers, two loving paws
Enveloping his putting him at ease


Two little bunny ears
Into the barrow out the tunnel, twist
And with a kiss, shes gone

Two little eyelids flutter open
To the light of the bright sun
And the sight of a proud mum

‘Look mommy, I tied my laces!’

Ten slender fingers, two loving paws
Pick little cub up and give him a kiss

By Edwin Baru. I’m sure if you looked here or there you could find his poetry and prose respectively.

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