The stars shine brightest at night. Right? Or is that they shine because the one star that is always outshining them has gone to sleep? Maybe they just sieze the moment, leap at any chance no matter how many light years away, to show that they too can shine brighter than the sun.  I guess I should have opened this piece with the line, stars fascinate me, but that line seems to be turning into a trend so far so one last time I’ll use it, life fascinates me. Everything about it from the most insignificant of spots to the most relevant of facts. Life fascinates me.

Stars.... Fascinating things...

Anyway back to stars. They say light from a star takes millions of light years to get to me. So maybe when I look into the stars then I am looking into the past (a theory by @soul_fool). Maybe every time I stare up into the stars I am staring at the same star that my Forefathers stared at and my forefathers staring at it at the very same moment. Connected by a light millions of light years away then maybe on some cosmic level I am connected to those who come before me and those who are to come after me. So maybe then, just maybe, every time I stare into the night sky. I see my destiny.

Yes, destiny I played the trump card let bells ring, I win. I used the line that all writers love to use to create falsities about their depth. Destiny.  So maybe just maybe my destiny has been mapped up out for me by some unknown force or hand that guides every single thing that happens to us so as to keep us on a particular path. I believe that life’s greatest lessons can be learned from the sky. The sun, for example, teaches us selflessness lending its light to the moon every evening yet never even once expecting anything back. Hence this lesson we will learn from the stars, the stars that have been haunting me for this whole weekend, the stars that shine brightest at night.

Once the sun has set and all that’s left is darkness, then the stars shine. Only then do they come out in all their glory and show us just how bright they can shine. In numbers they come numerous spots against a dark background burning balls of fury fire millions, billions of light years away in an ever expanding universe fighting for some sort of limelight. The stars want to be stars. Then, the sun rises and all over sudden they aren’t so fierce anymore they just slink back into an unseen state of being, letting the Sun take the centre stage and waiting for it to set so maybe in the evening, when the sun weary and tired of giving it light to the lump of rock we call our home, they can be stars. Not a star but each and every star wants to be, the star.

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