The Rise of Supraman

It seems that it is the new trend now for men to walk around town in the most absurd of clothes all in the name of fashion.  The most recent, and to me most absurd, of these is the new shoe dubbed the supra. This is an ugly looking shoe that comes in all colours of the rainbow and shines so much (in fact I am of the belief that it glows in the dark), yet still they seem to be being bought in the thousands and maybe even millions here in Kenya. What’s more, these shoes cannot be worn with the laces closed they have to be open at least to some level.

Supras... Ugly things

As if that wasn’t enough apparently the supra has to be worn with particular clothes. The average supraman (as I have hence dubbed them) will have to be wearing this(or at least something quite similar to this) outfit. Just above his supras he will have tight jeans, no not skinny jeans really really tight jeans, sagged all the way down to reveal a pair of multi-coloured over size boxer shorts. ON the upper body either a plain white t shirt or one of screaming colours upon which he will wear a black leather half jacket(vampire jackets as dubbed by Soul fool) and either Kanye west glasses or ridiculous stunners depending on the time of day(Dark Stunners for the night time and kanye west glasses for the day). All in all they just look totally ridiculous.

Then of course there is the male designer who will always be looking “fabulous” in his latest Louis Vutton scarf or something. Now before you think this is just a pointless rant let me cut to the chase. It seems society has a large influence on what we do. I mean who said that fashion moguls that are men have to be gay? Yet they are (at least a large percentage of them)… why? That is a stereotype that society has created and hence that part of society has conformed to what is expected of them. Most supramen (the plural of supraman for the least perceptive of you) actually don’t like them much but just because they are cool they put up with those uncomfortably tight jeans that leave not much room for your business.

We seem to live in a world that takes everything that musicians and Media popularities do as law especially when it comes to fashion and language. Take for example Kanye west glasses, what’s the point? Language you ask? Well when we have people like Beyonce making our English (yes bootylicious is actually now an English word) then we are heading down the wrong aisle. I mean what happened to just good old fashion being true to yourself… or is that soo five minutes ago? All in all it seems that we have a villain who might just take over the world. All hail the inevitable fall of the human race to the great and powerful Supraman.

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