I Will Not Write A Poem About You

I will not write a poem about you,
Describing your elegance in words and structure is just to hard,
I will not write my words because in their truth they will be untrue,
For words to describe your being have never been heard,

I will not sum you up in a couple of smart lines and clever rhyme,
To do that will only be little the wholeness that is what you are,
I will not limit you to strict metre and measured time,
Because to me you are more than that, you are a star,

You are more than a poem and more than an emotion,
More than some silly words that do nothing but claim devotion,
More than I could write, more than Shakespeare could too,
More than all this because you are you.

I will not try to put to song how close you are to my heart,
To put to ballad words that may or may not be true,
To say how close it feels even though we are apart,
I will not, can not, and must not write about you.

See you are more than a song more than anything anyone could sing,
More than a melody or the joy to your heart it brings,
You are more than the colours of the rainbow, you are primary like red yellow and blue,
More than all this because you are, you.

That is why I will not and cannot write a poem about you.

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