Her Hazel Eyes, My Broken Smile

I love her hazel eyes.The way they light up whenever she smiles. Or the way they glisten with tears when she wants to cry. But she would never cry, not infront of me anyway, she always puts on a facade of strength and unbreakable-ness(I know its not a word). The way they seem to dance whenever she tells a tale in her excited animated voice, holding the listener in silent bondage due to their mesmerizing effect. Then watch as the listener slowly snaps back to reality after the tale has died down.

I love her hazel eyes. The colour that holds me captivated every time I see her. The way they get sharp and intent when she concentrates on a complex task then light up when she completes it claiming it was nothing. The way they just go blank as fresh paper when she tries to process a thought, then pass the message all by themselves almost as if via some telekenetic force.

I love her hazel eyes. The way the sun reflects in them when she stands at just the right angle. The way I can stare deep into them and be lost in them for hours. However, what I love most about her hazel eyes is that every time I look into them, stare deep enough, I see my broken smile.

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