Hopes and Dreams

I fear,
That one day I might be unable to stand up and be counted,
That one day I may be unstable and will not be well founded,
That I may wake up one morning and find myself hiding behind a trash
pile somewhere in the streets,
That the sticky feel and the damp wet smell will seep into my abiding
and I will have no shoes for my own two feet.
I fear that one day I will have to look up and beg just to sustain my
own existence,
That I will witness the pity in their eyes and still beg with no
internal resistance,
I fear that one day I will not be able to stand up and fight my own battles,
That even on that day I fight I fear I will have not a chattel,
I fear for tomorrow,
I fear for today,
I fear to borrow,
I fear for what I should say.
And hence I toil,
Wake up early in the morning to perform back breaking duties,
See myself better here than all the other sleeping beauties,
I toil for my children, I toil for my wife,
I toil for my parents, I toil for my life,
I toil that I may succeed, I toil that I may never fail,
I toil for my pride that I end not up in jail,
I toil out of fear of what life is and it seems,
I toil that I fail not to realize my hopes and dreams.

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