One True Love

Hello my love,
Said I to fate,
And she served me my head on a silver plate,
Chopped skewed boiled and ready to eat,
She said if you want to go anywhere it won’t be a simple feat,
So I rejected her love and stayed true to the streets,
Snatched every single victory I could in defeat,

On to the next one!

Care for dinner? I asked infinity,
And she took advantage of me, raped me, stole my virginity,
Told me that to make in this vicinity I’m going to have change who I am,
So I rejected her love as well and stole all the joys that I felt deep in me,
Found my comfort in understanding who is this person I call me,
Understanding who is the real me.

On to the next one!

What about a movie? I said to destiny,
And she took me under her wing brought out the best in me,
Saw what the rest didn’t see,
Stood the test that was testing we,
Brought out my better and hid my worse,
Stole my fears and lifted my curse,
And so I found my love,
Hiding deep inside of me,
Hidden deep down, I found destiny.

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