I Want to Experience Life

I want to experience life.
I really do.
I want to feel the emotions that others claim to feel,
I want my feet to dance to the music of the heartbeat that my forefathers danced to long before I was born,
I want my eyes to appreciate the delicate brushworks of the numerous pieces of art,
I want my tongue to taste the delicate dishes of the finest gourmet legacy, pleasantly upon my pallet,
I want to hear the greatest speeches of all time moving charistmatic and all,
To hear Hitler speak against the Jews, Malcolm X tell us of ballots and bullets,
I want to experience life.

I want to go on a safari in the deepest and darkest of the Amazon,
To touch the boar in its lair and view the lion in its kingdom,
I want to walk through the halls of kings presidents and diplomats,
Go for state Dinners, lunches, brunches and breakfasts.
I want to meet head of corporates, staunch capitalists,
I want to discuss profits losses and quarterlies.
I want to experience life.

I want to study religion, meet the Buddhists, Christians, Muslims, scientologists, atheists, deists.
I want to see mercy, love, hatred, fear, anxiety, hope.
I want to see Mohammed in the desert, to see Jesus being crucified, to hear Gandhi talk of compassion, to see paradise/heaven or whatever it is,
I want to experience life.

I want to find a purpose that consumes my very existence,
Find a reason for living that is worth taking the bullet for,
I want to be able to say words profound without being asked to expound,
I want to find reason that won’t have me sitting back and feeling torn,
I want to one day sit back and say “that was the day I knew why I was born”
To dance with the devil and dine with the gods,
To toy with destiny and prance with fate,
I want to experience life.

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