Who Are We?

We are,
Creatures with a deep seated spirituality,
Out of touch with reality,
Creatures of hot heads and highly combustible tempers,
Regretting when the fire dies out and all that’s left is embers.

We are,
Beings of a superior nature,
Built with higher levels of intellect although not of stature,
Content in being at the top the food chain,
Beings that understand that the key to success is try, try again.

We are,
Animals bipedal, a hop skip and jump ahead of the rest,
Intellectual beings when put to any kind of test,
Subjected to our future and bound by our past,
Characterized by out ability to love and to trust.

We are,
Homo Sapiens squared because on sapien wasn’t enough,
Built to toil to death from birth,
Hoping for a better future because we know hope is all we have,
Standing on a pedestal of pride because we are too mighty to serve.

We are,
The human race and aptly named too,
Living life on the fast lane yet never getting to out destination,
Like a dog that chases its tail we go round in circles,
Covering miles of ground yet gaining no yardage.

We are,
One civilized nation or so we claim,
Man trumps on man none are the same,
Feeding off each others’ fears, who is to blame?
But ourselves, for we are, simply, a shame.

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