Procrastination: The Poem I Will Write Tomorrow.

I wanted to sit down and write a piece of literary genius.
I really did,

But there were places to go people to see,
Masks to wear, people to be.
My boss wanted that proposal on her desk earlier than yesterday,
My girlfriend made me swear I would text her all day.

It was going to speak out against all evil in our society,
It would break glass ceilings pierce the very soul of our existence,
It would conquer any form of internal resistance
It would be profound, it would be eloquent.

It was going to be extremely well structured and full of clever punch lines,
And all would say that piece is divine,
But my day was too busy and it was such an effort,
With work to do and a family to support.

The day was unwinding and my mind was spinning,
This amazing poem of mind wasn’t even at the beginning,
So I gathered my thoughts and numbed my mind,
Held my pen, to write this poem of mine.

But the television set looked so good,
And in the kitchen mother was cooking glorious smelling food,
I needed to unwind I needed to rest,
My head was aching, my little brother putting my patience to test,

Five minutes on the couch is all I needed,
Then I would write the best poem ever conceived,
The minutes passed by and my head got heavy,
My concentration slipped and my eyes got weary,

Now its 1.A.M and I’m running on time borrowed,
I think, maybe I will write my amazing poem tomorrow.

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