Waving Flag

Our children sing that when they get older,
They will be stronger and be called freedom,
Just like a waving flag?
Well I guess I missed the memo.
Because as I got older the world got colder,
We had to sing our songs of freedom,
Just like Bob Marley sang.
See we living world that has the hood Robin principle,
That’s Robin hood only backwards,
We enjoy our hood robbing via sales pitch,
Steal from the poor and giving to the rich,
Then smile and go… Sorry, life’s a bitch,
Paying taxes to a corrupt system to keep a corrupt government in power,
Complaining about it but voting for the same guys come election hour,
Teach our children greed from the second they are born,
Yet act surprised when they shortchange us when they are full grown.
Superficial socialists living in a capitalistic nation,
Claiming to want to change the system but leaving it all to the next generation,
Trying but not really trying to achieve global unity,
Understanding not that our globe begins in our very community,
Questioning our very being yet ignoring reality,
Hidden behind self loathe disguised as vanity.
But hey, when we get older we will be stronger, right?
The USA invades Iraq yet Iraq are the terrorists,
Africans kicked out the whites yet still in love with their colonialists,
Human beings turned against their own soul heart and mind,
Calling ourselves humankind makes me wonder are us humans really kind?
They’ll call us freedom,
With our ten foot high walls topped with barbed wires,
Electrical alarms, guards, dogs, guard-dogs more then we require,
And I’m just talking about our homes.
Jails are overcrowded yet more are being sentenced,
Hiding behind righteousness of pretence,
Damning the more ‘sinful’ so that our own sins we don’t have to repent.
I guess I missed the memo.
Older stronger freedom,
Just like a waving flag,
Just like a waving flag,
Just like a waving flag.

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