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For my aunt Jacqueline Onsando on celebrating the 19th anniversary of her 21st birthday:

In darkness we derive our dellusion of insanity,
Degraded by our destructors revamped by our society,
Realising our relations are the reality that we can confide in,
The lockbox where our secrets can hide in.
While darkness around degrades our dellusion of society,
Light of the family illuminates the spots of sanity,
While all around the raging storm swirls making us feel ill,
The silent solace in family keeps our souls still.
In darkness we derive our dellusion of insanity,
Round pegs in square holes never fitting in to society,
Beriddlied, belittled by the pleasures we find displeasing,
Accepted but never really accepted by the crowd that swirls around us,
In family we find what we seek unconditional acceptance.
In darkness we derive our dellusion of insanity,
Lost in our pride misplaced in our vanity,
Ignoring the others fighting our reality,
Grounded, and founded in our values of family.
So while in darkness do we derive our dellusion of insanity,
In family we find our foundation of sanity,
Our centre our core our past and our future,
Our power our hope our roots our culture.
Leaving all else behind seeking not for repentance,
In familly we find unconditional love and acceptance.

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