Honest Opinion

If only life was a musical
Then I would be a star,
And all would love my friends because of who we are,
We would have flashy clothes and flashy cars,
And they would notice our arrival even while were yet still afar.

If only life was a movie,
Then I would be in the cast,
And they would stop and stare every time I passed,
Bullets would be dodged flags full mast,
All would be well and true love would last.

If only life was a band,
The I would be the lead vocalist,
The writer the composer the tantalizing lyricist,
Disturbed artistic but all the time realist,
Yet still they’d listen every time I did a piece.

If only life was a book,
Then I would be the main character,
And as the plot thickens I would show my true character,
Have a happy ending my steps would never falter,
Weaving a tale so sweet no editor would alter.

But life is not a musical a movie or a book,
Life is not a couple a verses and a clever hook,
And the world may not love me I may not be a star,
But I love me for me and my friends for who they are.

So maybe I will make my life a song the sweetest song of all,
Or make it like a poem to put to memory and recall,
Perhaps ill make it a book and myself the main character,
Then me and my friends we could live happily ever after.

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