Happy Hour

Happy hour!
Half price on all the hope you can take,
So that is half of free, so twice as free,
Plus we will throw in a couple of slices of faith cake,
And a free token to the street of the love thats meant to be.
That? it’s a brew made from the best love money can’t buy,
Goes for half price which makes it cost a small sacrifice,
Of sorrow and gloom and all that stands in your path,
And belief that the love you find will last.

Happy hour!
We have a drink right here that was brewed from the elixir of youth,
And not some witches brew from a frog’s nail and a lion’s tooth,
It costs nothing but a smile and a couple of kilos of laughter,
And it will feel you feeling young for hours after.
We have the house cocktail freshly made confidence,
To be taken hand in hand with lack of belief in coincidence,
Comes with a side order of Grandma’s fresh baked cookies,
And look not for a deeper meaning there those are just some really good cookies.

Happy hour!
We have caskets full of enigmatic joy,
That will have you all smiles like a 3 year old boy,
All for the small price of giving and loving,
Smiling and loving, and above all, loving.
The house special today is the triple tot of love,
Served with a smile and sent from above,
For a laugh a day and a surprise to someone special,
We will offer you a love that will make you feel special.

Happy hour!
Offer valid, now,
Just carry a pocket full of dreams and ambitions,
And some spare tomorrow,
Trade in that for a couple of coins of now,
And have a drink to your sorrows.
Drink for peace, drink for power,
Drink while it lasts, its happy hour!

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