Sometimes I cover my eyes to keep myself blinded from the darkness which is the earth I am confined in,
Other times I find my religion in my freedom to expression and hence I dub this piece confessions,
I hide from my reality never really seeing what is inside of me always afraid of the fight in me,
Most times I’m like Kanye West I inspire me but others I am in shambles and a sight to see.
I throw around a lot of words that I don’t really mean and deep down I really don’t like the obscene,
But I’d rather speak ill than cause a scene and anything I say never really comes out clean,.
I preach the water but the wine looks so good I claim to be on a diet but I love my food,
I try to be a lyricist but they confuse me with their syllables,
I say you can have my shoulder but trust me I’m not that reliable,
In fact its more viable that I won’t be there when you need me more than ever,
However, I try my best to explain myself to the world,
But everytime I try insults at me are hurled,
So I took my defensive position, yes into a ball I curled,
And just waited until the problems unfurled,
So maybe one day I can uncurl and pick them out one by one.
Sometimes I cover my eyes so that I am blinded to the darkness of the earth which I am confined in,
But then the wind blows and a storm rages and even when I try to keep my eyes shut,
I get curious and it gets the better of me,
And the mysterious becomes what I want to see,
So I peek,
Just for a second I show myself,
And that second is all it takes to see,
I am not alone.

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