Don’t We All?

Okay so maybe I have told a little white lie a couple of times,
Only to get away with the smallest of crimes,
Never when it matters never when is consequential
But, haven’t we all?

And maybe I have picked a coin or two that technically weren’t mine,
And placed them in better custody than he who had them beforehand,
Never was it planned never more than could be returned,
But, haven’t we all?

And maybe I have said biting words about a friend behind his back,
Instead of defending them when they were under attack,
But never too mean and never too obscene,
But, haven’t we all?

And maybe sometimes I don’t listen to my parents,
Even when I know they are right I take it for granted,
But never on the big things and those that matter, never at all,
But, don’t we all?

And maybe sometimes I have added just a little salt to a rumor to make it more entertaining,
Then denied it in full when the affected was complaining,
But never to serious stories and never did I take the glory,
But, haven’t we all?

And maybe I have punched a few lads back in my day,
Slapped them around and showed them what I had to say,
But only those who had it coming, only the bad ones,
But, haven’t we all?

And yes maybe I would get mad if someone did the same to me,
And with reason, you’d agree,
Not to my friends not to my family,
But, wouldn’t we all?

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