What we perceive is often a misinterpratation of what we conceive,
The mind and the eye are often quite far apart yet still in harmony,
Working side by side to create an image and decipher the meaning behind the image itself,
But what happens when the same instruments that conduct our every act misdirect our paths?
When the eye and the mind leave us blind to what we have left behind?
When the basis and purpose end up being reasons we oppose what is fundamentaly what we are supposed to do?
When the depth of our perception is not to be matched but by the height of our conception,
And even further what happens when what we conceive and what we perceive completely contrast each other?
When the mind shows us one but the eye shows us another?
The brightest of lights can still cast shadows,
The most innocent of people can still cause deception,
The smallest of surgeries can still cause concussion,
The best of instructors can still give wrong directions,
So while many say our perception relies on our conception,
I say they are interdependant, reliant on each other and biased by one another,
For the finger can exist not without the hand and the mind not without the eye,
And even in scenes of such existence problems are identified,
Most natural ability compromised and potential unrealised,
So guard your mind as a man guards his house of treasures,
For is that not what it is,
An endless stream from whence all knowledge comes forth,
A complexity of sorts within its own simplicity,
But that is just an interpratation of my conception,
Pray tell, what is your perception?

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