The Dreamer

I walked through the pathway to my dreams,
Walked past the keepers of the key to the gate,
The gate that separates my dreams from my reality,
Separates what seems from what is meant to be.
I stepped through the gate and exited one realm only to enter another,
Into a different place in which my words are an order,
My thoughts are the only law within which I am bound to follow,
My mind is the scripture and of it alone need i bestow my hallow,
And like an eagle that catches the draft of a wind in its wings I soar,
To the Nether lands in my Neverland and I never land in another land,
But the land within my mind’s expanse.
For my thoughts never too far can stray
And yet never too near can stay,
And in this realm of false truths and victorious defeat I reign,
King over all my loyal subjects,
Crown prince of all that I rule as far as the eye can see,
And with this power I decree that all evil from my presence will flee,
The birds of the sky and the beasts of the earth shall roam unperturbed,
And though it may look absurd it will by my word that they live undisturbed,
And as I walk through my kingdom and survey the lengths to which I have expanded,
See the people strive to work for all I have demanded,
The gatekeeper taps my shoulder,
Together we walk down the alley of my mind,
Leaving all my wealth and power behind,
Leaving behind all weight in the words I might have spoken,
Because you see the powerful king has been awoken,
So I walk out the gate and walk down the pathway of my dreams,
And walk to where the truth is just as real it seems

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