No Entertainer

He spoke,
He spake his words for his own sake,
He let them spew out of his mouth without a single break,
He made no mistake while in this dialogue he did partake,
For he knew words with no meaning were like icing with no cake.
So he spoke,
He told tales of their fathers and tales of their mothers,
He told tales of brothers turning on brothers,
He told tales of a past time and then tales of another,
And when he was done he told some others,
Still he spoke,
He warned of times to come when mouths would be shut,
He warned of seasons to come when harvests would be cut,
He warned of years to come when wars would start,
He warned of decades to come when people wouldn’t value art,
Then he spoke,
He spoke for reasons unknown or reasons uncovered,
Yet his speech became reknowed and quite well covered,
His speech became talk of the town echoed by every other,
Echoed by every speaker and quoted by every author.
He went silent,
Listened to but not heard he claimed,
Echoed but not adhered was his pain,
Words without meaning are never the same,
And that was a fact he made very plain,
He died,
But just before his last words he wrote,
He called out an audience to come to his boat,
And though his breath was heavy he got the words out of his throat,
“I’m no entertainer” was his final quote.

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