Shocking the airwaves….

Hope you are all doing good welcome to poetry radio,
Where our pens are our studio,
Our our ink is our audio,
And our thoughts are our medium.
On this station you will hear nothing but the purest of emotion,
You will see nothing but the most sincere devotion,
You will feel nothing but thoughts with no complication,
Because here,
It is unrefined,
The words that come are that much more defined,
The flow you feel is that much more divine,
Words that age slowly and age like fine wine.
Here on poetry radio your mind is your microphone,
Your playback comes through silky smooth like a saxophone,
And as it echoes round the corridors others join because its never alone,
Never by its own,
And while we may not bless the airwaves we will caress your mind like hair weaves,
Stimulate your thought like bubble gum,
Yet we won’t stress you like a math exam,
For here on poetry radio we are real,
For we feel with our minds and touch with our hearts,
And though our words may not be kind we are playing our part,
So stay tuned for more poetry that can liberate you if only for a while,
Stay tuned for freedom, don’t touch that dial.

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