Death He Spake

In sweet surrender I succumb to my sorrow,
Regretting remembering so I return all I borrowed,
Embracing my insecurities internalising my inabilities,
Accepting my place in society and looking not for possibilities.

In sweet surrender I accept my defeat,
Understanding life is a journey I am about to complete,
Forgeting my fears and fantasizing about my future,
Concentrating on contemplating on how this moment the world will capture.

In sweet surrender I begin to bow out,
Silently I go I will not scream I will not shout,
Preparing my past to meet what lies ahead,
Preparing my soul to discern the biscuits from the bread.

In sweet surrender I take my leave,
Wasting away in the tangled web of lies I weave,
Beating myself for breathing my breath,
Wearing a chain where soon will be a wreath.

In sweet surrender I walk away,
Vexated by my vulnerability as pouncable prey,
Entrenched in the enigma that lies in the entreating pastures on the other side,
Like a shark caught on the wrong side of the reef and its low tide.

In sweet surrender I say goodbye,
Take up my coat and wipe the tear from my eye,
Believe its better if I bow out now,
While I still stand while I still move the crowd,

In sweet surrender I succumb to my sorrow,
Put my past behind me and prepare for tomorrow,
Understanding there are things my size and those that are bigger,
In sweet surrender I put this gun to my head and pull the trigger.

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