How are you?

“Hello, How are you doing?”

And for a second i think it is worth the mention,
Maybe i really should Answer that question.

I’m doing terrible,
I can’t help but weep because my emotions are a bit feeble,
I’m running out of breath like i just did the steeple,
I can barely keep up my happiness facade in front of all these people,
Trying to keep my deeds good while i live amidst all this evil,
My boss is breathing down my neck to deliver more than what he pays me for,
Every single evening i have my landlord banging away at my door,
Asking for the rent which i barely can afford,
My parents don’t talk to me let’s say I’m not the child they adore,
I can’t get a girl and i don’t even care anymore,
I am emotionally run out because I have cried all i can,
And they say because I cried i can’t claim to be a real man,
That I don’t deserve the respect I demand?

Then the thought evaporates just as it came it went back to the blue,
And i decide to answer with something a lot more untrue,
I say “I’m doing swell how do you do?”

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