Through his eyes

I see a lot in the town,
I see ladies walking down the streets with heels longer than their skirts,
I see people with sorrows yet never once showing a frown,
I see several people like characters in a play playing their several parts.
I see tall buildings and large billboards,
I see numerous cars speeding down several roads,
I see crowds of people moving but going nowhere,
I see maps of the town with arrows saying you are now here.
I see masks of falsehood covering bitter pasts,
I see men holding on to jobs that will never last,
I see families falling apart because they can’t talk to each other,
I see spouse betraying spouse and sister betraying brother,
I see joys divided and sorrows multiplied,
And all our bloody acts now seem to be dignified,
I see men burn out and die all in search of a penny,
And I see many many men who still don’t have any,
I see beautiful lands with beautiful animals,
I see them led to slaughter to feed all the cannibals,
I see lovers holding hands showing the power of this force,
I see fifty percent of these marriages ending up in divorce,
Yes I’ve seen many things in this beautiful big city,
For some I feel joy for some I feel pity,
Yet the one thing I see that keeps my head spinning,
Is this city’s degradation is only just beginning.

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