The law of the city…

Now this is the law of the city,
As old and true as they are fly,
And he that shall break it I pity,
For he that shall break it must die.
As the shopper that scurries through the supermall,
The law is swift and precise,
For its all for one and one for all,
In these streets that can be cold as ice.
Talk mainly to family and close friends,
Open not your heart to a stranger,
And though with them you may pretend,
Speak not lest you find yourself in danger.
Flirt not with anyone else but the wife,
And let not the secretary catch your eye,
As any man will tell you in life,
Its hard to discern a friend from a spy.
Stock right is the right of the broker,
For he knows how to play the game,
Dealing his money like a game of poker,
You dare not deny him his claim.
Child right is the right of the mother,
From every ex husband she may claim,
A big portion in terms of alimony,
And none may deny her the same.
When car bashes car on the highway,
And both claim the right of way,
Tis to be settled by the insurance company,
They shall have the final say.
The head of the house is the father,
His ego you must stroke,
So as to keep your family going further,
So as to keep you from going broke.
The head of the house is the father,
But where he is pulling you down,
The divorce court may tear asunder,
Leaving the mother to hold her own.
Disturb not the independent woman in her office,
She is ruthless and will tear you apart,
And though all reasons may suffice,
You want not to play with her heart.
Now these are the laws of the city,
And many and mighty are they,
But what takes the cash, what carries the kitty,
Is boy you better obey.

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