They addressed her by her state of dress,
Or should I say undress?,
Her micro mini skirt caressed her thighs,
And seemed to press and supress her feminity that wanted to burst out.
You see the slit on her skirt and the fact that she was a flirt didn’t help matters
In fact it played a big part in completing the work of art she called her career,
And so she played her part and raised her skirt and put on a million shilling smile.
And that is how they received her,
And even though she believed in her skills and talents and intellect,
They just believed in her “skills” and “talents” with interest,
Never seemed to be taken seriously,
Except when her boss wanted to take her, seriously.
Frustrated at her bosses why can’t they see her for her mind?
Frustrated at her colleagues why won’t they include her in their work?
Frustrated at her clients why won’t they believe she will deliver?
So none believes her and all receive her,
And the slit on her skirt recedes higher and higher,
For that’s the only way she knew the world will accept her,
Forced to be a corporate prostitute she lives her life,
Living for one motto that she sticks to through and through,
Her motto being: the shorter the skirt the better the view.

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