Scratch to reveal

Sometimes we put up walls just to see who will take them down,
Sometimes we isolate ourselves to see who is ready to seek is out,
Sometimes we tell lies just to see who cares about the truth,
Sometimes we act depressed just to see who will make the effort to soothe.

Sometimes we pretend not to speak just to see who hears the silence,
Sometimes we break the peace just to see who stops the violence,
Sometimes we cover our faces just to expose our souls,
Sometimes we show all our aces just to see who takes advantage.

Sometimes we find it hard to distinguish the truth from the lies,
Sometimes we accuse the innocent and get angry when he denies,
Sometimes we show the sides that we want no one else to see,
Sometimes we act like we are the person we want to be.

Sometimes the true us just lies beneath the surface,
Sometimes the one person we need is too scared to show up,
Sometimes we really need to show someone how we really feel,
Sometimes all you have to do is scratch to reveal.

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