Morning prayer

Dear Lord,
I’m thankful for the prayers you answer but even more,
For the prayers that you decide to ignore,
Which when answered all they would do,
Is multiply my problems by two,
I’m thankful for all the wealth you’ve given me,
For all the days you’ve carried me,
But even more I’m grateful for the health you given me,
That I walk everyday on my own two feet.
I’m thankful for all the joyful conversations in my life,
The peace with all my peers,
But above that I thank you for all the arguments,
That help me see where I have gone wrong.
I thank you for the smooth sailing,
For making my burden easy and my yoke light,
But above that I thank you for the trials that encompass me,
That mould me into a better version of what I should be.
I thank you for my friends who encourage me to grow,
For they are the only ones before who I can let my feelings show,
But I thank you more for my enemies who try to bring me down,
For without them I wouldn’t want to prove I can hold my own.
I thank you for showing me the way,
The truth that I know is right,
And I thank you for giving me a choice,
To stumble through the darkness in search for the light.
So I thank you Lord for all you’ve done to get me to where I am,
But I thank you more for what you’ve not,
For that made me a man.

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