Everybody Dies

Everybody dies,
The man that tells the lies always gets caught in the end,
The bird that never flies will be shot down at some point,
The child that never cries will never open his lungs,
Where down his head he lies shall be his final home,
Everybody dies.

Everything gets old,
The new car once sold loses half of its value,
Stories once told loose all of their suspense,
What at first look was gold might end up getting you upset,
And what once broke the mould is now the mould itself,
Everything gets old.

Everything wears down,
The new pavement in the town now trod upon and finished,
The beautiful evening gown whose value quickly diminished,
and turns to brown that which was once white,
And ending in a frown that which was all smiles,
Everything wears out.

Everything ends,
The man who money spends gets broke in the end,
The powerful bond between friends broken by a single deed of mistrust,
And he still has to mend he who bought highest quality,
And we see a trend all through the world,
Everything ends.

Everybody dies,
He who buys and buys takes nothing to the grave,
He who denies himself lifes pleasures ends up the same,
So who do we try to please who do we try to deceive,
Time to open our eyes and ask why bother?
Everybody dies.

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