Look up

When the music becomes a background to your thoughts,
And the blessing you used to count are now all but lost,
When the strength you once relied on has left your bones,
And your body seems to be crumbling beneath the sticks and stones.

When your giving more than your getting and nothing makes any sense,
And the higher you rise the more the air gets dense,
When life becomes but a stage upon which you cast your sorrow,
And you enjoy today coz you fear for tomorrow.

When all around you the world seems to crumble,
And each step you make us faltering, a stumble,
When all you have left in life is all you wish you didn’t have,
And and you do is dream of flying away on the wings of a dove.

When pain is a comfort and death seems like a friend,
And all you can do is hope that it all comes to an end,
When you try all that you can and all feels like nought,
And the music remains a background to your thoughts.

Listen then to the music and feel the wind in your hair,
Appreciate life for living give not your heart a scare,
Believe in yourself even when no one else can,
And trust that all will go as planned.

Let not your sorrow bog you down or you fears your heart fill,
Though the storm be raging around you let your peace be still,
And even when you feel like you don’t really care,
Look up, smile and know I’ll be there.

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