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Pain alone,
Can cover the depths from within which I must be found,
Can break the strains from within within which my love is bound,
Can withstand the trials without a tear or sound,
Can within my circumstances can abound.

Love alone,
Can fight the sorrow that fills me with grief,
Can steal back my soul from the treacherous thief,
Can lift this burden off my heart, give my soul relief,
Can make me remember and give me belief.

Fear alone,
Can cast all the joy from my tear stained soul,
Can stop me from achieving all I can to the whole,
Can break my resolve and make me forget my role,
Can take me over if the position I give it is pole.

Faith alone,
Can lift me from shadows within where no hope lies,
Can give me the power to touch the skies,
Can fly me in the land where no man flies,
Can show me a place where hope never dies.

Worry alone
Can dwell on the problems as opposed to possibilities,
Can make me have doubt in my amazing capabilities,
Can compare my nightmares to possible realities,
Can block all my forward thinking abilities.

Joy alone
Can make me love today and not think about tomorrow,
Can dwell on my happiness and forget about my sorrow,
Can understand that now is for living as every second we have we borrow,
Can know that for it to show then love must grow.

I alone,
Can choose which of the above can shape my way of living,
Can decide to focus on my sorrow or to live in thanks giving,
Can achieve all that my heart has been conceiving,
Can be a master of my destiny as long as I’m breathing.

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